Marion Dumas

Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment


FAW 11th floor

I am an environmental economist, with a strong interdisciplinary bent. I hold a PhD in Sustainable Development from Columbia University, an MSc in Ecology from ETH Zurich and a BSc in Earth Sciences from MIT.

My research focuses on the economic and social transformations needed to decarbonise the economy.

A particular focus is on innovation and technological change. I study the determinants of firms’ innovation and investments in radically cleaner technologies and products. One goal of my research is to understand the impact of environmental policies, in particular innovation and industrial policies. Another is to understand these policies and their impact on firm behaviour in the broader institutional and growth context in which they play out, with the goal of improving the institutions that generate and implement policy and broadening our strategies to mitigate climate change. For example, I am interested in missing institutions whose absence cause coordination failures. Can we accelerate the transition by providing these institutions? Does inequality affect the diffusion of green products? Do digital technologies change the dynamics of the transition and if so, should public R&D for the digital transition be targeted at solving the environmental crisis?

I answer these questions using economic theory, as well as drawing on political economy and institutional theories. I use microeconomic methods (game theory, growth theory, econometrics, surveys), supplemented by methods from other disciplines (case studies, complex systems).

I supervise PhD and MSc students. I regularly advise companies, non-profit organisations and policy-makers.


Jan 23, 2023 Excited to announce the release of the report “Role of Ministries of Finance in driving and shaping the low carbon transition”, which I co-authored and advised.
Oct 24, 2022 Kickoff meeting of AdJUST in Milan!
Sep 1, 2022 New paper on AI and green innovation is out!

selected publications

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    Marion Dumas
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  4. Directed technological change and general purpose technologies: can AI accelerate clean energy innovation?
    Pia Andres, Eugenie Dugoua, and Marion Dumas
  5. Green product innovation in industrial networks: A theoretical model
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